Comment on best cocoa brownies by Chris

Made these today to try and duplicate some seriously addictive brownies from a local bakery. Followed the recipe exactly and chilled them quickly when they came out of the oven (used the ice wather bath method I saw on another website). Fantastic! I baked for about 35 minutes and they were perfectly fudgey with slightly chewy edges. I skipped the nuts but added 1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips.

Dragonfly Craft from Starbucks Stir Sticks

It might not be dragonfly season, but you won’t be able to resist making these adorable stir stick dragonflies with your kids sometime soon.

Just grab a handful of stir sticks when you’re in Starbucks (ask first!), and your kids can transform them into glittery, shimmery dragonflies.

They’re fun for play but I think they’d look wonderful suspended in a window, or strung into a mobile similar to the pinecone mobile we made last month.

Check them out, and tell me what you think! They’re SO EASY!

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