Comment on peach butter by Nici

This looks great and I’m going to try it (next Southern Hemisphere summer).

When I make peach jam, I use only half as much sugar as fruit but usually keep it in the fridge. I macerate my fruit in the sugar over night, before cooking, as I find it draws out extra flavour.

Comment on jelly doughnuts by Colleen

I made these with some homemade rhubarb filling (because summer in Alaska is a constant battle to use rhubarb in everything!) and it was perfect. In case anyone else wants to give it a shot, I also made the dough in a bread machine because it’s always too cool here to get a good rise at room temperature. It worked splendidly! I mixed the sugar, yeast, and milk in a measuring cup and let rest for five minutes, then poured them into the bread machine bowl. I added the rest of the wet ingredients, then the flour, then the salt on top.

Comment on asparagus, goat cheese and lemon pasta by Susan

We have been eating this for years! Its on the regular rotation for a fast, yummy vegetarian meal. We usually add cannellini beans, red pepper and roasted or warmed cherry tomatoes. (Whatever we have on hand). Made it for friends I am visiting out of town tonight. We came across your post while looking for the original recipe to share. Glad to see others enjoying it as much as us. And so many great tweak ideas.